Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Chickens - they're BACK
but is it SPRING or STRING ?!?

April 2018 Update
After surviving at least one ice age and living in, three, oh maybe it was five, frosted snow globe scenarios over the past months, The String Chickens are back clucking around again. Afterall, it's SPRING. So the answer to the above question is a timely yes. Spring String Chickens. <insert chortle here>

Personal Update
Mark is growing is hair really long and white and is back to being the most energetic fiddler, Denise recently retired from Reed Eye, David is frequently driving to/fro Canada, Trina and the bassets still split their time between Dunedin, Rochester and Naples, Fred's Mom's new place, Legacy Cranberry Landing has sort of adopted us as their "house band". They enjoyed us SO MUCH a few weeks ago that we're invited back on June 8th, 2018.

Yesterday we played for Denise's Mom at Heather Heights!

SO, that leaves quite a few future dates open for us to come play for you and your Moms. Or Dads. The senior home circuit is a good one but it's always more fun when we are playing for special people we know. :o) 727-366-1424 - call Trina!

Hope to catch you over the summer! We'll probably be at the Mumford Fiddler's Fair - our schedule is in the works!